Sulfamic acid as decalcifier

Sulfamic Acid
Sulfamic Acid as Decalcifier

Sulfamic acid is used in many decalcifiers such as Durgol and sanitary cleaners as the anti-scale agent. It has the advantage that it acts about 6 times stronger and up to 10 times faster than citric acid. Likewise, amidosulfonic acid can be used both cold and hot for descaling and does not require a long reaction time. What should be considered when using amidosulfonic acid as a descaler?

Sulfamic acid (H2NSO3H) is a colorless to yellowish crystalline substance, in contrast to the widespread opinion that an acid is usually liquid. It is also known as amidosulfonic acidamidosulfuric acidaminosulfonic acid, and sulfamidic acid. The white powder dissolves well in water, saturation is only reached at room temperature at over 200 grams per litre. Due to its acidic properties it has an irritating effect on eyes and skin in case of direct contact.

Sulfamic acid is well suited as a descaling agent as it decalcifies up to 10 times faster than other limescale-dissolving substances and therefore longer exposure times are not necessary. This means that your coffee machine or espresso machine is available again much faster. In addition, the acid component is approx. 6 times more effective and therefore decalcifies much more thoroughly than many other substances. As the water-carrying pipes in fully automatic coffee machines often only have an internal diameter of 2 mm, they clog up relatively quickly due to limescale deposits and must therefore be decalcified particularly thoroughly. In contrast to vinegar essence or citric acid, amidosulphonic acid is tasteless and does not cause any unpleasant odours. The appliances are therefore immediately ready for use again after the necessary rinsing process following descaling.

How do I now use amidosulfonic acid as a descaler?

As a rule, 10 to 15 grams of the powder are dissolved in 1 litre of water. Avoid overdosing in any case, as this could lead to the amidosulfonic acid crystallizing and precipitating again at higher temperatures. Now proceed according to the instructions of the machine manufacturer and fill the corresponding amount of descaling liquid into the water tank and start the descaling program. For machines without a descaling program, allow the solution to flow normally through the coffee spout as if you were making coffee. No additional soaking time is necessary, as amidosulphonic acid is faster than conventional descaler. After descaling, rinse the water tank with tap water and let the machine be flushed with 1 to 2 tank fillings of clear tap water. Your machine is then immediately ready for use again.

Of course kettles and similar appliances can also be optimally descaled with Sulfamic acid. Here you can directly observe the good effectiveness of the descaler by the intensive bubble formation.

Since amidosulfonic acid is an acid, please observe the appropriate safety precautions. Here you can download a Safety Data Sheet.

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