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Durgol Entkalker
Durgol Entkalker

durgol® swiss espresso® is praised by several coffee machine manufacturers as the preferred descaler for their fully or semi-automatic coffee machines, coffee pad machines and espresso machines. Is the Durgol special descaler really so good for descaling? How is Durgol descaler used? And where can you buy Durgol inexpensively? Are there any alternatives? We would like to answer these and other questions here.

durgol® swiss espresso® is a product of the Swiss company Düring AG. Düring AG has been producing descaling agents under the brand name durgol® since 1951. durgol® is the market leader in the field of “descaling agents” in Switzerland, Austria and other countries. Through close cooperation with household appliance manufacturers (in Germany e.g. the manufacturer Petra) and joint development work, Düring AG has a great deal of experience in this field.

The durgol special decalcifier is a decalcifier based on amidosulfonic acid. In addition to water, other ingredients are care and auxiliary materials which provide corrosion protection. According to the manufacturer, this is intended to increase the service life of the espresso machines treated with it, as the materials used in the machine are protected and no precipitation occurs which could cause blockages.

Lime deposits are dissolved by the acid component in the durgol special decalcifier. You can see the intensity of this reaction from the formation of bubbles. The effectiveness of this decalcifier depends largely on the acid component. Durgol is the ideal decalcifier and, if dosed in sufficient quantities, guarantees fast and complete decalcification with maximum protection of the materials used in the machine.

durgol swiss espresso works up to 10 times faster than other brand decalcifiers. This is why you can decalcify with durgol swiss espresso without any additional time for it to work, which speeds up the decalcification process considerably. durgol is usually sold in a pack with 2 portions of 125 ml each. One portion (125 ml) of durgol® swiss espresso® can dissolve up to 10 g of lime. This is sufficient to completely decalcify a high-quality household espresso machine 1 time.

durgol® swiss espresso® leaves no chemical residues after descaling and subsequent rinsing. The decalcifier is odourless and leaves no taste behind. The reaction of the acid with the lime forms salts and the acid is neutralized. Unconsumed durgol® swiss espresso® contributes to the neutralization of alkaline solutions (from detergents) in waste water, which are usually present in excess. It does not fertilize water bodies and, due to its high limescale dissolving capacity, durgol decalcifier can be dosed sparingly and in an environmentally friendly manner. The portion pack prevents overdosing.

Application Durgol Descaler:

Descaling and rinsing of machines with descaling program (automatic descaling).

1. pour a portion (125 ml) of durgol® swiss espresso® into the water tank.

2. dilute with tap water to the amount specified in the instructions for use of the machine manufacturer. Start the descaling program. If the quantity of descaling solution is not specified, please fill the tank with tap water until the descaling program can be started.

3. collect the escaping liquid in a sufficiently large glass or plastic container. Please place this in such a way that splashes are prevented.

Caution, the liquid can be hot!

4. rinse the machine with tap water in accordance with the program.

5. now you can enjoy your next perfect espresso.

Descaling and rinsing machines without descaling program.

1. pour a portion (125 ml) of durgol® swiss espresso® into the water tank.

2. dilute with the same amount of tap water (use the empty portion as a measuring vessel).

3. allow this solution to flow through the coffee spout. If you cannot start the flow of this solution (quantity in the water tank is too small), continue filling the tank with tap water until you can start. This should be the case with a total quantity in the tank of approx. 0.5 litres.

Please also observe the instructions in the next section.

4. collect the escaping liquid in a sufficiently large glass or plastic container. Please place this in such a way that splashing is prevented.

Caution, the liquid is hot!

5. rinse the tank with tap water after descaling. Then rinse the machine with one or two tank fillings of tap water.

6. now you can enjoy your next perfect espresso.

Please also note for machines without descaling program.

– If the operating instructions for your espresso machine specify a time for the descaling solution to take effect, you can do without it, as durgol® swiss espresso® is highly effective and acts faster than conventional descaling agents.

– If your machine works with whole beans (i.e. has a grinder), please always decalcify only via the hot water outlet, as the so-called “brewing group” in the coffee circuit should not be decalcified.

– If your machine works with capsules, pods or ground beans (i.e. does not have a grinder) and has two outlets (one for hot water, a second for coffee), please first allow the entire descaling solution to flow through the coffee outlet. Then pour the solution into the water tank again and repeat the descaling cycle, this time through the hot water spout (do not switch to steam function).


Of course you can make your own descaling solution based on Sulfamic Acid. However, if you prefer the simple and convenient handling of durgol special decalcifier, you will find a few cheap sources of purchase here:
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